Bird is a self-taught artist focusing on illustrative realism of organic subject & 

collection/recreation of pre-

1970s encyclopedic design,

historic illustrations, and

antique illustrations hand-

collected from books

published/printed pre 1900. 

Encyclopedia flash is collected

primarily from dictionaries,

textbooks, and encyclopedias that were printed and illustrated in the early 1900s and exist in public domain. Most designs are altered to be suitable for tattoo, whether this be by adjusting contrast or adding, removing, or readjusting details. I am willing to find encyclopedic clippings for specific subjects at request, but am aiming to make this entire part of my process free from digital influence (ie no use of digital databases or purchasing of downloadable content from online vendors), therefor this process may be longer for those seeking the replication of an authentic antique illustration. 

I am currently accepting requests for custom artwork including tattoos and traditional/digital commissions through my tattoo booking form. Tattoo "tickets" or commissions for tattoo designs that can be brought to another artist are also available upon request.

Deposits are $120. half of which will go towards the final payment at the time of your appointment while the other half covers design time and single-use, sterile supplies.

My books are currently open for Florence, Colorado. I am booking now for September 2020 for both flash and custom work.

Booking for Tucson, Arizona will reopen as late as January 2023, stay tuned for updates.

Please allow up to 2 weeks for an email response. I am currently navigating a major home relocation and figuring out how best to schedule and travel seasonally.. More regular updates can be found on my Instagram.

Thank you in advance for your patience.

Looking to book a tattoo appointment?

Please fill out this booking form.
I am currently tattooing at Black Oak Artistry in Florence, CO and will return to Deep Result in the winter of 2022. Booking for Tucson is not currently available. Past clients looking to book for touch ups will have priority when booking reopens.  Please contact me by email ( ) with any further questions.