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Deep Result is undergoing some structural and operational changes* and as such our website remains under construction. 

Artist space is not currently available. We do not have any openings for apprenticeships.

Quick links to artist bookings are still available and functional, please do not hesitate to use them. 


Thank you for your patience, we'll see you again sometime soon. 


Any views, political, religious, or otherwise that suggest, support, or perpetuate racism, sexism, xenophobia, islamophobia, and/or religious, spiritual, or ethnic discrimination are absolutely not welcome within our organization.

Deep Result is a safe space for members of the LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC communities.

We reserve the right to refuse access and participation to anyone who threatens the 

emotional, physical, or mental safety of any of our members or guests.

Resident Artists:

Moonie (stained glass)

Booking Forms for individual artists: 

 Bird    Tess 


Appointment Preparation & Aftercare information can be found here

Past & Archived newsletters, along with current news/updates about the shop can be found here.



Bird @skinpeck


Resident Tattoo Artists:

Tess @tess_mae


Been to Deep Result?

Want to give us some feedback? Please click here to leave a review. We're very happy to hear from you and always welcome constructive input. 

*A note on Deep Result as a community space: Deep Result is currently being maintained as a private studio for a mixed media of artists. We are hosted within Many Hands Courtyard, where our original prospectus was meant to take form. The past year of our residence here has shown that the Courtyard is not a viable space for the execution of many of the previously planned projects, and as such the original prospectus has been removed from this website. While there is still hope to build upon plans for radical community, many branches of these projects are being relocated and reimagined. We are currently aiming for longevity of our space as artistic space that will allow for guest artists and future art & music events for local vending. More updates will be shared in the coming months.
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